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News archive

REMIX awarded a ?Distinguished for Export? medal


   “Distinguished for Export” medal is a prestigious national and international prize awarded to companies and institutions for outstanding achievements in export. At a ceremonial gala event on 25th April 2018 REMIX was one of the honoured companies. On behalf of the company, the award was received by Mariusz Szymański – Deputy Commercial Director for Western...

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V International Galvanizing Symposium behind us. It's time for summary.


  This has already been the fifth meeting within the framework of International Galvanizing Symposium. In this year’s jubilee edition we joined our efforts with Stockmeier Chemia, which allowed us to enhance the organizational and contents team of our Symposium. We are convinced that the cooperation we have embarked on will contribute to fostering trade relations and encourage...

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Another vacuum furnace delivered to P & L Heat Treating, Inc / USA


  REMIX of Poland recently delivered their latest horizontal high pressure vacuum furnace to an American commercial heat treating plant.  P&L Heat Treating, Inc of Youngstown, Ohio/USA has already began production with the REMIX furnace, making this P&L’s fourth large capacity Vacuum. This furnace enhances P&L Heat Treating’s production capabilities...

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Article of co-authorship Jerzy Stodolny published in STAL Metals & New Technologies magazine


We deeply encourage to read the article "Numeric calculation Mechanical properties of steels for thermal tempering numeric calculation" published in the 11/12 issue of  „STAL Metals & New Technologies” magazine.    ...

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REMIX once again as the exhibitor during HK Cologne


  The last week Congress - 73rd HeatTreatmentCongress - in Cologne and the Exhibition, were the last events of REMIX Company, closing this exhibition year. We would like to thank all who visited our booth. Thank you for all inquiries, suggestions, remarks, talking and memories. It was a pleasure to be a host of you.   See...

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REMIX exhibited during International Astana Mining & Metallurgy Event, Kazakhstan


Energia Przyszłości to tegoroczne hasło przewodnie Międzynarodowej Wystawy EXPO 2017 Kazachstan. Z końcem kwietnia 2017 na terenie Kazachstanu rozpoczął się szereg imprez wystawienniczych w ramach tej prestiżowej ekspozycji.    W dniach 25-26 maja przedstawiciele REMIX S.A. uczestniczyli w VIII Międzynarodowym Kongresie „Astana Mining...

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REMIX S.A. delivers chamber furnace processing line to METCA, Division of ForgeX, France


May 2017 – REMIX S.A. has completed commissioning of an electric chamber furnace processing line dedicated to heat treatment of die forgings. The installation was carried out for METCA, a French division of ForgeX Company. This well-known European forging producer has once again chosen Remix S.A. based on  testing and design fit for purpose. This processing line guarantees the technological...

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IVth International Galvanizing Symposium - a great meeting behind us


It was the fourth time on 28th March 2017 that the International Galvanizing Symposium was held during the VIII Exhibition of Corrosion Protection Technology and Surface Treatment  EXPO-SURFACE, with joint involvement of TARGI Kielce and REMIX S.A.   This meeting of people dealing with practical, scientific and R&D aspects of galvanizing as well...

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REMIX Poland delivers a continuous roller hearth furnace for LUMEL ALUCAST Sp. z o.o.


A continuous roller hearth furnace dedicated to aluminium aging processes is another project being supplied to LUMEL ALUCAST, a leading European manufacturer of aluminium castings, located in Poland. The cooperation with LUMEL started many years ago when REMIX commissioned aluminium melting crucible furnaces for this customer. The previous orders, positively rated by the customer, have given REMIX...

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Another processing line delivered to SANDEN Manufacturing Poland Sp. z o.o. Polkowice


  It is the Customers who bear best testimony to a company’s success and the quality of its services. We are aware how important for our Customers is the quality of services rendered by REMIX S.A., and a returning Customer is our best advertising.   In 2013 REMIX S.A. started co-operation with SANDEN Manufacturing Poland Sp. z o.o. Polkowice, a company...

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Commissioning of the rotary hearth furnace by the Leading Polish Forging Manufacturer


September 2016 – REMIX S.A. commissioned to the leading forging manufacturer a gas-fired rotary hearth furnace for preheating aircraft titanium alloys before die forging of rated capacity 4500 kg/h and working temperature of 1300°C. High-efficiency recuperative burners were applied in the heating system. With respect of technological requirements for the...

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REMIX has attended Polish-Kazakh Economic Forum in Warsaw


Marek Kędzierzyński - participant of Polish-Kazakh Economic Forum in Warsaw     Yesterday Polish-Kazakh Economic Forum in Warsaw was a great opportunity for exchange business experience between numerous representatives of the Polish and Kazakh entities, as well as...

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NOXMAT signs representation agreement with REMIX Company


NOXMAT to expand to Eastern Europe Manufacturer of industrial burners to collaborate with Polish furnace manufacturer REMIX   Oederan – The German specialist for industrial burners NOXMAT is seeking to enter into ground-breaking sales- and service...

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5.9 mln PLN subsidy from EU Smart Growth Operational Programme 2014-2020 for an R&D project by REMIX S.A.


By decision of National Centre for Research and Development, the R&D project “Heat treatment technology for the development of cementite nanoparticles size in the components made of composite medium carbon steel of enhanced functional properties?” (POIR.01.01.01-00-1637/15) was recommended for financing within the measure 1.1 “Enterprise...

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CAAB furnaces built in Europe under REMIX license


  We would like to inform all our readers, customers and visitors that during the 9th International Congress and Exhibition on Aluminium Brazing hosted by DVS (German Welding Society) REMIX was officially presented as an exclusive in Europe CAAB® (Controlled Atmosphere Aluminum Brazing) furnace builder under AFC-HOLCROFT license.   Once...

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REMIX and MAMMUT-WETRO celebrate 20 years of Polish-German cooperation


It has been 20 years already but it would seem that it was only a few… For almost 2-decades of cooperation between REMIX and MAMMUT-WETRO Schmelztiegelwerk GmbH we have delivered more than 20 000 crucibles of different shapes and forms.  With full awareness we can confirm that  our...

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Positive recommendation for REMIX S.A. project - subsidize of zinc coating project


Our ultimate goal is to strength REMIX foothold as a manufacturer of industrial equipment for heat treatment of metals, furnaces for non-ferrous metals melting and furnaces for hot-dip galvanizing. We have been continuously refining our equipment - both in design and technology - to meet our Customer’s requirements at the highest, expected level.   The UE funds are ...

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Economy and Ecology in Hot Dip Galvanizing Equipment - 3rd Conference summarizing


It was the 3rd edition of the International Galvanizing Conference. During the March 7th Exhibition of Corrosion Protection Technology and Surface Treatment EXPO-SURFACE, REMIX along with the Exhibitions and Congress Centre “Targi Kielce” was the main co-organizer of this event.   This year the watchword of the Conference was „Economy...

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Recent innovations in zinc coating technologies presented at international conferences


For our R&D staff the end of the year was marked with science and trade conferences dedicated to zinc coating technologies. Among other events, our representatives participated in the annual International Galvanizing Conference held by the Czech and Slovak Galvanizers Association. This symposium of all-European renown was en excellent opportunity to exchange experience and information...

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New horizontal vacuum furnace to a commercial heat treatment plant in U.S.


A newly engineered horizontal vacuum furnace will undergo construction end of 2015 at the manufacturing facility of REMIX in Świebodzin. The unit is dedicated to carry out high pressure quenching in inert gas at 10 bar followed by vacuum tempering. In the summer 2016, the furnace will be delivered to an American commercial heat treating plant.  Due to a range of services offered by the Customer,...

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REMIX S.A. Delivers Technologically Advanced Galvanizing Line to Ukraine, Triple Production Capacity Possible


September 2015 – REMIX S.A. has completed the first of two phases of an order for a customer in the middle of Ukraine.  The first phase was the delivery and commissioning of a new, high temperature, hot dip galvanizing line used for the manufacture of small parts.  It is believed to be the first such technologically advanced line in the country for small parts such as galvanized...

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Summarizing of events of 2015


It was very good and satisfactory year in the terms of events REMIX participated in. Being the European Partner of AFC-HOLCROF company creates news business possibilities and contacts. This year we wanted to emphasize the common activities. Some may think, what will happen when such two companies integrate their actions? From one side the hundreds’ of installed applications along...

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REMIX Announces New Project for Leading Polish Forging Manufacturer


REMIX S.A. – a Polish Company with 25 years’ experience in the design and manufacturing of heat treatment equipment, has announced a new order for a large capacity rotary hearth furnace. This latest project is for the manufacture and delivery of a gas heated rotary hearth furnace for forgings. This immense installation will be dedicated to heating of forgings...

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