REMIX - Heat treatment and casting equipment manufacturer

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Management Team


The managers sitting at the helm of the company have been experienced in this industry for many years. The acquired  theoretical and practical experience primarily used in the mission of the Company strengthens the of REMIX market position as a heat treatment and casting equipment manufacturer.




Marek Kędzierzyński 

Member of the Board, Commercial Director

„Some people may think that a small company only creates small things. Here it is just the opposite – our 150 person team is a strong and close-knit, always moving forward. Day by day our company has been developing and successfully fulfilling widespread projects for very demanding customers.” Carlos Ruiz Zafon said: „’One who never knows where he is going will never reach anywhere’. I am absolutely sure that REMIX is going to the right direction,  both from of our business partners’ and employees points of view. “

Łukasz Michalski

Member of the Board, Production Director

“I’ve been involved with the company for almost 16 years –which is three-quarters of the company’s existence.  We have had ups and downs, but managed to survive a lot of adversity and economic situations. Now we are catching a second wind. As a close-knit team we are looking optimistically in the future. By joining our forces together, we ensure the quickest and best way for the customer to meet his expectations. Our recipe for success: We are working for you! "



Poznańska 36 Str.

66-200 Świebodzin


tel. +48 68 47 55 400
fax +48 68 47 55 404