REMIX - Heat treatment and casting equipment manufacturer

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REMIX exhibited during International Astana Mining & Metallurgy Event, Kazakhstan


Energia Przyszłości to tegoroczne hasło przewodnie Międzynarodowej Wystawy EXPO 2017 Kazachstan. Z końcem kwietnia 2017 na terenie Kazachstanu rozpoczął się szereg imprez wystawienniczych w ramach tej prestiżowej ekspozycji.    W dniach 25-26 maja przedstawiciele REMIX S.A. uczestniczyli w VIII Międzynarodowym Kongresie „Astana Mining...

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REMIX S.A. delivers chamber furnace processing line to METCA, Division of ForgeX, France


May 2017 – REMIX S.A. has completed commissioning of an electric chamber furnace processing line dedicated to heat treatment of die forgings. The installation was carried out for METCA, a French division of ForgeX Company. This well-known European forging producer has once again chosen Remix S.A. based on  testing and design fit for purpose. This processing line guarantees the technological...

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IVth International Galvanizing Symposium - a great meeting behind us


It was the fourth time on 28th March 2017 that the International Galvanizing Symposium was held during the VIII Exhibition of Corrosion Protection Technology and Surface Treatment  EXPO-SURFACE, with joint involvement of TARGI Kielce and REMIX S.A.   This meeting of people dealing with practical, scientific and R&D aspects of galvanizing as well...

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