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Economy and Ecology in Hot Dip Galvanizing Equipment - 3rd Conference summarizing29.03.2016

It was the 3rd edition of the International Galvanizing Conference. During the March 7th Exhibition of Corrosion Protection Technology and Surface Treatment EXPO-SURFACE, REMIX along with the Exhibitions and Congress Centre “Targi Kielce” was the main co-organizer of this event.


This year the watchword of the Conference was „Economy and Ecology in Hot Dip Galvanizing Equipment”. The Conference was divided into six discussion panels that covered the following topics:

  • Polish, Czech-Slovak and CIS markets’ galvanizing branch analysis
  • the newest solutions concerning the steel surface preparation before the galvanizing process: zinc alloys, chemical composition of a zinc bath, research works on hot dip galvanized coatings
  • presentations of the economic and ecologic aspects arising from new design solutions of galvanizing equipment
  • REMIX R&D department results, presentation of the latest project covering thermo-diffusion galvanizing – technology of long life protective zinc coatings
  • steel surface preparation before galvanizing process
  • filtration systems in hot-dip galvanizing production halls, solutions for reducing pollutant emission.


Such a mutual meeting of people involved in the galvanizing industry from the practice, research-educational side as well as hot-dip galvanizing equipment production and supplying gave an opportunity to exchange experiences or discuss about new challenges and future joint projects. We would like to thank all participants that they came and listened to the lectures of the 3rd International Galvanizing Conference. We hope all presentations were very interesting and enhanced knowledge in the galvanizing field.


After a short break, REMIX Team is starting to think about the next year subjects. We do hope that the Conference will gather as many people as we hosted this year for finding information about the newest solutions, implementations and innovation in the galvanizing industry in Poland and not only.



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