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grafikaAfter Sales Services

In order to improve the efficiency and reliability of heat treatment equipment manufactured by us or by our competitors, we offer you a wide range of maintenance services such as:


  • comprehensive modernization, technical reconstruction and repair of heat treatment equipment, also in terms of fulfilling safety standards
  • periodic maintenance and service of heat treatment and casting equipment
    • checking the carbon potential
    • temperature profile in the workspace measurement
    • dew point measurement
    • pressure measurement inside the furnace
    • startup and adjustment of gas burners
    • gas burners leak-tightness control
    • atmosphere furnaces chamber leak-tightness control
  • regular monitoring and service of heat treatment and casting equipment

Modernization and renovation of heat treatment and cating equipment manufactured by REMIX SA as well as from other manufacturers:


  • furnace lining replacement (thermal insulation)
  • heating elements replacements
  • atmosphere mixers repairs and balance
  • heating systems repairs and modernization
  • control cabinets renovation and modernization
  • change of control systems
  • commissioning of equipment at customer site


We have a Maintenance Plant located in Gorzyce (Podkarpackie Province) in order to provide our customers with the emergency response time to occurred problems. The Team of great experienced and skilled people involved in the heat treatment and casting equipment servicing is at your disposal at any time you need.


Michał Kardzis
Michał Kardzis


mob.: +48 510 254 059