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IVth International Galvanizing Symposium – a great meeting behind us06.04.2017

It was the fourth time on 28th March 2017 that the International Galvanizing Symposium was held during the VIII Exhibition of Corrosion Protection Technology and Surface Treatment  EXPO-SURFACE, with joint involvement of TARGI Kielce and REMIX S.A.


This meeting of people dealing with practical, scientific and R&D aspects of galvanizing as well as manufacturing of galvanizing equipment, allowed the participants to exchange their experience, which is bound to result in improved and interesting ventures.


In the course of this intensive one-day Symposium the following issues were raised:

  • Developments in galvanizing sector on the markets of Poland and neighbouring countries
  • Presentations by scientific and research institutions (research on zinc coating and application of double anticorrosion coatings)
  • Modern equipment and technological solutions used in hot dip galvanizing
  • Overhauls, modernization, inspection testing of components in hot dip galvanizing plants
  • Sophisticated high anticorrosive zinc coatings
  • Research and Development work in the area of zinc coating application


Speakers included both practitioners and theoreticians. Among them a few names renowned in the galvanizing sector should be mentioned here: Professor Edmund Tasak, Ph.D Eng., Professor Piotr Liberski, Ph.D Eng., Henryk Kania Ph.D Eng., Tomasz Płociński Ph.D Eng., Jacek Zasada – President of Polish Galvanizing Association, Petr Strzyž – Director of Czech and Slovak Galvanizers Association.


We were exquisitely pleased to welcome people with whom we have been cooperating for years as well as entrepreneurs who participated in the Symposium for the first time. Considering the high attendance and level of activity during the meeting, we can responsibly announce that we successfully managed to satisfy curiosity and dissipate any doubts related to limiting the negative impact of steel corrosion.


We would like to take this early opportunity and invite you to the jubilee V International Galvanizing Symposium to be held next year. We deeply hope that the issues we will address then will be of interest to a circle of participants at least as numerous as the one we had the pleasure to host during this year’s meeting.



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