REMIX - Оборудование для термической обработки металлов и плавильных печей

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REMIX and MAMMUT-WETRO celebrate 20 years of Polish-German cooperation19.04.2016

It has been 20 years already but it would seem that it was only a few… For almost 2-decades of cooperation between REMIX and MAMMUT-WETRO Schmelztiegelwerk GmbH we have delivered more than 20 000 crucibles of different shapes and forms.  With full awareness we can confirm that  our crucibles are products of the highest quality, fully meet the Customer’s expectations.


In Poland, we are the one and exclusive representative of German, crucibles’ manufacturer – MAMMUT-WETRO Company. The product portfolio covers wide scope of crucibles and casting accessories for melting and non-ferrous metals holding, especially for aluminium, copper and zinc alloys.


What makes our offer much more attractive among other suppliers?

  • Manufacturing process based on isostatic mangling technology
  • Crucibles made of silicon carbide (SiC) of quality  X, XO, XY manufactured basing on the technology using the carbonaceous binding material


The production’s technique and methodology undoubtedly affect on the crucibles’ properties characterized by the crucible working time:

  • triple lower porosity
  • high thermal conductivity
  • very high mechanical strength
  • very high thermal shock and oxidation resistance
  • high chemical resistance for casting’s supplements




Poznańska 36

66-200 Świebodzin


tel. +48 68 47 55 400
fax +48 68 47 55 404