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4th International Galvanizing Symposium

It is the 4th edition of the International Galvanizing Conference that will be held during the 8th Exhibition of Corrosion Protection Technology and Surface Treatment EXPO-SURFACE. It is absolutely worth marking the dates 28-30th of March 2017 in your calendar and being a participant of this Symposium. REMIX along with the Exhibitions and Congress Centre “Targi Kielce” is a co-organizer of the event.


The theme of the fourth edition of galvanizing branch meeting is "Development of anticorrosive zinc coating technology”.


The following issues will be presented during the Symposium:

  • Situation of the galvanizing industry in Poland and neighboring countries
  • Presentations of R&D units (research on application of zinc coatings and coatings with double corrosion protection)
  • Modern equipment and technology used in hot dip galvanizing lines
  • Maintenance, modernization and inspection of equipment components within hot dip galvanizing lines
  • Modern zinc coatings of high corrosion protection
  • Research on application of zinc coatings


While using steel susceptible to atmospheric corrosion, a number of different methods are used to protect steel products from the harmful effects of the environment. Due to this one may make the life of the product and its safe use longer, thus reducing operating costs. The most common and constantly developing technology of steel protection in areas such as construction, transport and construction machinery is zinc coating the surface of finished products. There are several methods of applying zinc-based protective coatings and selection of the proper one depends on the type of steel product, the possibility of the application of the metallization method, product working conditions and environment aggressiveness level, as well as requirements related to the appearance of the coating.


Which method of galvanizing shall be chosen to protect elements exposed to aggressive corrosive factors the most effectively? Are there any new solutions ensuring long-term safe use of steel construction protected against corrosion? How is the technology of hot dip galvanizing developing and what changes can we expect in the future?


Answers to these and many other questions will be provided during our Symposium.


Netto participation costs:

Symposium – 500 zł

Symposium + Banquet + Accomodation in 2 beds room – 700 zł / person

Symposium + Banquet + Accomodation in single room  – 900 zł



Earlier registartion:   28.02.2017                    

Registartion deadline: 18.03.2017




                Save 10% when two or more from the same Company are coming!
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If you are interested in use the Registration Form and send us.


Questions? Please contcat Jacek Sipa for more information

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Scientific and organzing committee - IV International Galvanizing Symposium




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