REMIX - Heat treatment and casting equipment manufacturer

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Company profile

REMIX is a leading company manufacturing high quality equipment for heat treatment of metals, as well as equipment for the casting processes.


Since 2012, the Company has been the exclusive commercial partner of AFC-HOLCROFT, the American giant in the production of heat treatment equipment.


For over 25 years REMIX has gained wide knowledge in the heat treatment field and casting processes. This experience reflects  in the ability to respond quickly to all customer needs, perfectly recognizing and meeting them.


REMIX also provides services in terms of ensuring the required equipment availability in heat treatment companies as well as in the casting industry. We offer modernizations and repair services of heat treatment equipment manufactured by REMIX, as well as by other manufacturers, spare parts for heat treatment furnaces and auxiliary equipment as well as the sale of industrial gas burners.


The company's active sales activities in recent years has increased the number of  both domestic and foreign REMIX customers, often belonging to companies from key sectors of the market. Currently, the company provides equipment mainly for the machinery, automotive, arms, foundry and galvanizing industries. The customers economic structure is assorted due to the economic situation in the given sector and primarily from long-term financing  and modernization customers plans.


The young, dynamic and qualified staff provide the intellectual power of the company. REMIX applies new solutions, implements innovative projects, creates prototypes and uses new technologies. Currently, the company employs 150 people and its production base covers an area of over 10 000 sqm, which consists of production halls with administrative facilities. The company also has a modernized machine park which enables a flexible and professional orders execution. Our success is also a success of our co-operators supporting the manufacturing process.


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Poznańska 36 Str.

66-200 Świebodzin


tel. +48 68 47 55 400
fax +48 68 47 55 404