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Data Protection Policy

with information clause for website users


1. REMIX SPÓŁKA AKCYJNA (henceforth: REMIX), the owner of online service (henceforth: the Website), attaches particular attention to protecting privacy of the Website users and to the safety of data processing.


2. The Administrator of personal data is REMIX S.A.,  headquartered in Świebodzin (66-200) at Poznańska street 36, recorded in the companies register of the National Court Register under the number 000020232.


3. Personal data processing will be effected through REMIX IT systems as well as in paper form. The Administrator will not take any automated decisions concerning the user based on their personal information, including decisions based on profiling.


4. REMIX gathers automatically obtained information concerning IP addresses of the users visiting the Website and making use of the services within that framework. The so collected information are used for administration of the Website, for periodic website hit statistical analysis, for determination which sites are most frequently visited, for determination of functionality of the Website. The user IP information may be transferred to authorized state bodies against their request to be further  used  in their proceedings, or to third parties if so required by the adjudication of state authorities.


5. REMIX does not transfer or trade (i.e. does not sell or lend) personal data of the Website users to any third parties or institutions without the user’s consent. The personal data processed by REMIX may be transferred to authorized state bodies against their request to be further  used  in their proceedings, or to third parties if so required by the adjudication of state authorities.


6. The Administrator will process personal information provided by the Website user (e.g. first name and surname, address, telephone number, e-mail address) for the purpose of business cooperation between our entities:

- for marketing purposes, in particular to transfer commercial information (legal basis: GDPR art. 6 cl. 1 letter ‘a’ );

- to realize business cooperation, including sales contracts (legal basis: GDPR art. 6 cl. 1 letters ‘b’ and ‘c’ );

- for archiving (evidential) purposes which are part of our legally justified interest of saving information in case facts are requested to be demonstrated (legal basis: GDPR art. 6 cl. 1 letter ‘f’ );

- for purposes resulting from justified interests realized by the Administrator, including securing claims before a court of law, for tax and accountancy purposes (legal basis: GDPR art. 6 cl. 1 letter ‘f’);

- in order to contact You by electronic means or through postal or courier services, with a view to realizing business cooperation, including sales contracts.


7. The user may at any time request the Administrator to provide the personal information supplied for the needs of the Website.


8. Pursuant to GDPR the Website user at any time enjoys:

- the right to access their data and to receive a copy thereof;

- the right to rectify (correct) their data;

- the right to have their data removed or to limit processing thereof;

- the right to raise an objection to processing their data;

- the right to transfer their data (to another administrator as provided in art. 20 GDPR).


9. The user may exercise the aforementioned rights by making an application by phone at +48 68 47 55 400, by e-mail sent to: , or by a letter sent by post or courier to the address: REMIX S.A., ul. Poznańska 36, 66-200 Świebodzin. In order to make sure that the applicant is authorized to make such an application, we may ask you to provide further information that will enable us to verify your identity.

The range of each of the above rights and situations when these rights apply are defined in the law. The right you may take advantage of results e.g. from the legal basis on which we use your data and the purpose for which this information is processed.


10. Any Website user reserves the right lodge a complaint to a supervisory body, i.e. President of the Personal Data Protection Authority, if they believe that processing their personal information violates regulations of the law


11. Our Data Protection Policy makes use of cookies i.e. files stored on the Website user hard drive in order to maintain navigation parameters of the user and their log-on status. The purpose of cookies mechanism is not to gather any information about the Website users, it is solely used to segregate the Website use statistics. The user may delete the cookies, which will not cause any impediments in using the Website.


12. The Website contains references/links to other www. REMIX will not be held liable for privacy policies on any such websites.


13. The Website users may address any queries and doubts concerning privacy policy to the e-mail address:


14. Should the currently applicable privacy policy be altered, the respective modifications of the above principles will be made accessible on the Website.