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We encourage you to read the first part of the article "Technology of manufacturing thermodiffusion zinc coatings with recirculation of reaction atmosphere" published in the latest issue of the magazine "Ochrona przed Korozją" ("Protection against Corrosion").   In the first part of the publication, Dr Henryk Kania (Silesian University...

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Fairs 2018 - time to sum up


Intensive time of trade fair trips behind REMIX team - 3 countries, thousands of kilometers’ travelled, 4 most important industry events. Tired? Yes, but in comparison to satisfactory meetings and prospective trade fair talks, this state is a secondary fact.   This year's, even a real "exhibition marathon" started in Kielce. During this year's edition,...

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REMIX awarded a ?Distinguished for Export? medal


   “Distinguished for Export” medal is a prestigious national and international prize awarded to companies and institutions for outstanding achievements in export. At a ceremonial gala event on 25th April 2018 REMIX was one of the honoured companies. On behalf of the company, the award was received by Mariusz Szymański – Deputy Commercial Director for Western...

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V International Galvanizing Symposium behind us. It's time for summary.


  This has already been the fifth meeting within the framework of International Galvanizing Symposium. In this year’s jubilee edition we joined our efforts with Stockmeier Chemia, which allowed us to enhance the organizational and contents team of our Symposium. We are convinced that the cooperation we have embarked on will contribute to fostering trade relations and encourage...

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Another vacuum furnace delivered to P & L Heat Treating, Inc / USA


  REMIX of Poland recently delivered their latest horizontal high pressure vacuum furnace to an American commercial heat treating plant.  P&L Heat Treating, Inc of Youngstown, Ohio/USA has already began production with the REMIX furnace, making this P&L’s fourth large capacity Vacuum. This furnace enhances P&L Heat Treating’s production capabilities...

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