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grafikaCasting and Non-ferrous Metals Heat Treatment Equipment

REMIX provides industrial furnaces for aluminum heat treatment, aluminum alloys and non-ferrous metals melting and holding. Our aim is to ensure the machinery and equipment REMIX manufactures for the foundry industry reflect the latest developments in the technology. Our heat treatment equipment and devices are always customized to the technical and production requirements of the end users.


A wide product portfolio of aluminum heat treatment equipment provides a vast range of choice depending on the technological process that is needed, including homogenization, annealing, solution heat treatment and aging, preheating. Our devices are designed to carry out the processes under air or gas protective atmosphere.


In the foundry industry we provide equipment for aluminum alloys modifications and devices for the liquid metal transportation.

Depending on the final customer needs, the aluminium heat treatment process can be carried out using the following equipment:

  • chamber furnaces
  • pit furnaces
  • continuous furnaces
  • car bottom furnaces
  • special furnaces
  • for continuous and automatic operating processing lines


REMIX offers to the foundry the following equipment:

  • crucible furnaces
  • shaft furnaces
  • tank furnaces
  • aluminum alloys refining and modifying equipment
  • for molten metal transferring ladles
  • vats’ heating coils


Along with furnaces, we offer auxiliary equipment:

  • charge transport systems
  • aluminium alloys details fast cooling down tanks
  • exhaust systems
  • control and visualization system


We have delivered a lot of fully automated, complete heat treatment processing lines. Among then there are units designed, manufactured and commissioned according to the AMS 2750 aviation standard.


  • homogenization
  • annealing
  • heat treat solution
  • aging, heating
  • melting and holding
  • aluminum alloys refining and modification


Zbigniew Szczerba
Zbigniew Szczerba

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Ryszard Bielejewski
Ryszard Bielejewski

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