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grafikaGalvanizing Lines

REMIX offers complete services of hot galvanizing plants in the design and manufacturing of devices being a part of the hot dip galvanizing line. 


We have been manufacturing equipment for galvanizing since the beginning of our business activity. The product scope covers both complete hot dip galvanizing lines and single equipment. Thousands of details have been galvanized using our devices: structural elements, small parts and pipes and wires in continuous galvanizing as well.

We are a member of the Polish Galvanizing Association and our specialist are considered to be one of the most experienced and knowledgeable one. That makes our customers to feel given professional advice. Each design is completed according to the standards.

Our experts’ team is dedicated for customers interested in galvanizing related processes and equipment (both advisory and manufacturing):

  • case studies of technological processes
  • complete lines for chemical surface preparation prior to hot dip galvanizing (technological tanks’ set with the ventilation)
  • technological systems, storage tanks, flux recovery systems, waste neutralization stations, absorbers
  • electric and gas dryers with exhaust recovery system (furnace waste gases)
  • galvanizing furnaces with steel and ceramic tanks
  • galvanizing tanks, water tanks, passivation tanks
  • complete fumes extraction systems (slotted and cabin)
  • fumes filtration systems
  • galvanizing spin-dryer
  • galvanizing plant control, monitoring and visualization systems
  • technological transportation systems for galvanizing plants (line crane, wire rope hoists, rail cars, transporters, etc.)
  • galvanizing plants auxiliary equipment (crosshead, zinc pumps, hard zinc warps, etc.)

REMIX always close to cooperate with customers providing a great flexibility in adjusting the equipment parameters to customer individual needs. Moreover, we not only manufacture and commissions equipment, but also carry out professional renovation and modernization of the galvanizing plants and complete replacement of the galvanizing tanks.

A wide range of galvanizing plants’ spare parts available.


  • structures hot dip galvanizing
  • hot dip galvanizing of small parts
  • high temperature hot dip galvanizing
  • continuous galvanizing of wires and pipes


Zbigniew Szczerba
Zbigniew Szczerba

Sales Departament


mob: +48 606 466 372


Ryszard Bielejewski
Ryszard Bielejewski

Sales Departament


mob.: +48 510 289 281