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grafikaVacuum Furnaces

Industrial furnaces for heat treatment in a vacuum offered by REMIX  can be freely configured by the customer fulfilling his economic and technical production’s assumptions. Technological lines based on vacuum furnaces provide complete solutions tailored to the customer individual, and specific needs. Each of the vacuum furnace can be additionally equipped with the adequate auxiliary equipment to ensure easy and safe service of the production process.


Our vacuum furnaces are operated by very demanding customers fulfilling their heat treatment expectations as far as following industrial processes are concerned:  gas hardening and oil quenching, annealing, tempering, degassing, soldering, brazing, sintering, vacuum nitriding and vacuum carburizing.

To meet our customers’ needs and heat treated details’ results REMIX manufactures:

  • vacuum furnace type H: the heating zone is horizontally located. Our customers may use car bottom furnaces (CB) or with a fixed shaft;
  • vacuum furnace type V: the heating zone is vertically located


As far as the loading of the charge is concerned, we deliver devices with the top charge loading (TL type) or bottom one (BL type).

What is more, the heating zone in the vacuum furnaces is made of molybdenum and graphite heating elements. They provide right charge heating and correct heat treatment results.


  • hardening
  • annealing
  • tempering
  • degassing
  • soldering
  • brazing
  • sintering
  • nitrating
  • low pressure carburizing


Zbigniew Szczerba
Zbigniew Szczerba

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Ryszard Bielejewski
Ryszard Bielejewski

Sales Departament


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