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V International Galvanizing Symposium behind us. It's time for summary. 10.05.2018


This has already been the fifth meeting within the framework of International Galvanizing Symposium. In this year’s jubilee edition we joined our efforts with Stockmeier Chemia, which allowed us to enhance the organizational and contents team of our Symposium. We are convinced that the cooperation we have embarked on will contribute to fostering trade relations and encourage you to participate in future editions of the Symposium.


It was a yet another opportunity for a broad circle of galvanizing professionals – practitioners, scientists and engineers in manufacturing of galvanizing plant equipment – to exchange experiences that are bound to pay off with interesting and successful ventures in the future. Our main goal during this year’s meeting was to present to you the issues related to zinc coating applications in the light of changing EU regulations. The recently developed galvanizing plants not only feature an aesthetic infrastructure but above all they have to comply with all sorts of tough environmental requirements. This not only involves the coatings and their durability, but also lowering energy and resources consumption, minimizing the volume of waste generated and keeping down the emissions of volatile substances to the atmosphere. Frequently changing EU regulations and directives which define the environmental requirements cause modern galvanizing plants to be harmless to the environment and allow them to be built in a direct vicinity of protected areas.


In the course of this one-day though very intensive Symposium, five thematic discussion panels focused on the following issues:

  • galvanizing trade in the light of new European Union regulations,
  • research & development works in the area of zinc coating applications,
  • chemical preparation of steel surface and modern galvanizing alloys,
  • modern installations and technical solutions in hot-dip galvanizing plants,
  • modernization of hot-dip galvanizing plant – improved ecology and economy of equipment.


What sealed the cooperation between REMIX S.A. and Stockmeier Chemia was signing a cooperation agreement between the two companies represented by the President of the Board of REMIX S.A. Grzegorz Kazimierski and Lilianna Parol, a representative of Stockmeier Chemia.

The culmination of the annual meeting was the evening banquet at which talks and discussions continued into late hours of the night. The atmosphere of the meeting was cranked up by a passionate artistic performance which actively involved the delighted spectators.


We were delighted to host people with whom we have cooperated for years as well as entrepreneurs who attended the Symposium for the first time.


We take this opportunity to thank the contents partners of the Symposium who have allowed us to continually develop the subject matter of our meetings through adjusting the addressed topics to the current issues in zinc coating technologies. Special thanks for support and taking the Symposium under expert patronage are due to the Rector of Silesian University of Technology Professor Arkadiusz Mężyk and Professor Piotr Liberski who has been involved in organization of the annual meetings since the first edition of the Symposium. To our media patrons we would like to say thank you for their support and assistance in promoting our Symposium to industries involved in zinc coat applications. Our appreciation is also due to Mr Jacek Zasada, President of Polish Galvanizing Association.


We do hope that during future editions of the symposium we can expect numerous attendance of participants and, as it was this year, fruitful debate and exchange of experience.



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